Sunday, 29 July 2012


Lady Rend-veil,  I call her now:
This character has been kicking around for a long time and this is the latest version created for posters etc.
You can find various sizes of posters, prints, etc on DeviantArt and RedBubble,
Shirts, hoodies etc on both RedBubble and my Spreadshirt RUBBERGIBBON shop
and Mousemats and other gubbins at my Zazzle RUBBERGIBBON shop.

As I explained in my art book, she is a digital image that began with a pencil sketch of a face that was then expanded into a full-length character using Photoshop.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

RUBBERGIBBON!!! (That's my Zazzle Store, Now Open!!)

Do you like my background pattern and think it would look good on a tie or a mousemat? So do I!! So I'm trying to have a stab at E-Commerce!!
This time, I've opened a Zazzle shop from which you can buy various items with bits of Tony Hough artwork on them: Mousemats, iPhone covers, T-Shirts and even Ties, for pete's sake!.
I've only just started it so there's not a huge selection yet: Just something I'm trying to see how it goes!!
I've put a bar that links to it at the side of this blog. so please pop along and have a look! And I'm open to suggestions about further possible products or even alternative sites or suppliers you think might be better....










This grim fellow appears on a few things. I've used a variety of designs that've been looking for a use for a while





It didn't cost anything to set up the store and I don't expect it to be a real moneyspinner or anything....but it can't do any harm, either!

create & buy custom products at Zazzle