Saturday, 3 May 2014

GATEKEEPER'S OATH Illustrations completed!

The Illustrations for book 2 of the Spellcaster Gamebooks, The Gatekeeper's Oath have been completed. Like The Forgotten Spell this part of the fantasy adventure will be released as both a printed book and as an App for iPad, Android etc from Tin Man Games.
If you liked the first book you can be very excited about TGO, a frenetic search through the weird Elder Fey City of Suidemor to gain access to the castle where your father is being held captive; a journey full of tricks and traps and a bizarre cast of characters to help or to hinder you. Once again I have had great fun bringing Louisa Dent Pearce's creations to life using the same combination of traditional drawing and Photoshop that I used on the last book. The art of the Forgotten Spell has recieved a lot of praise so I hope that the new illustrations will compare well to them!

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