Friday 19 January 2024

Tony Hough Illustration review of 2023, Part One!!

2023 turned out to be a very busy year for my illustration! Started in January with my first commission from the makers of Troika! the Melsonian Arts Council. A pleasant surprise stemming from a conversation at last December's DragonMeet as my work is stylistically very different from their established look! However they are keen to diversify that look and in terms of humour and outlook we have much in common. This piece was for a T-Shirt design showing a member of Miss Kinsey's Dining Club - a weird Troikan cult of insane epicurians! You can buy the T-Shirts here















 Since this was completed I have done 2 more large commissions for them exploring a lot more of the world of Troika!   But I can't show you them yet, as the books are still in the pipeline!! 

From March I started contributing my art to Wombat Wargames, makers of the groundbreaking Shadows of Centralis TTWG.


This game is designed to allow you to field models from almost any range and is fully supported by supplements and a monthly e magazine regularly fronted by artwork from my previously unpublished portfolio pieces.



Wombat Wargames are a great independant publisher well connected in the industry and have published a variety of other great books on the subjects of horror, sf and fantasy and have also produced excellent, insightful biographies of the famed wargaming scultor Kevin Adams and the renowned John Blanche 

Later in March I made a rare public appearance co-hosting a creative writing workshop for pupils of Challney High School for Girls with local author  Safiyyah Umar, whose debut SF novel Heart Crusher is currently doing very well.  A splendidly successful event in which the pupils all had a go at creating their own illustrated short stories with a little help and a lot of encouragement from us and their teachers!!                                                

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