Friday 26 January 2024

Tony Hough Illustration Review of 2023, Part Three

 Also in March I had another opportunity to do some designs for Geoff at Oakbound Studio,  Always a pleasure to work with him, whether for his wonderful The Woods RPG setting, or in this case a Warhammer  Old World Warband,  part of a Patreon exclusive project. I was very pleased and proud to see how well the finished minis turned out!

This Stirlander Mordheim warband is led by the Inquisitor of Morr, with his staff and portable shrine, accompanied by the spirit of an Imperial Messenger in possession of the body of a crone, dragging his own magically animated skeleton behind. 2 fierce mercenaries and a Forester of Stirland protect him along with two big Wolfhounds. A Halfling pulls their gear in a wooden cart behind.


Very happy to see how Geoff translated my drawings into actual painted minis - I especially love the two Wolfhounds!!
This was the first of two commissions from Geoff in 2023 - of the second, more later!!

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